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The Hupel Pupel Mag is an offset-printed booklet of LoTech comics by Dragan Espenschied.

Hupel-Pupel, the Farting Panda and the Martians were drawn on a Palm III with TealPaint 4.44.

If you want to get an idea how that looks, try the online series Zombie and Mummy drawn by Dragan on a Palm III as well!

Robobot was made on a Nintendo Game Boy with »Paint« and »Stamp« tools of the Game Boy Camera. The images were printed on a Game Boy Printer and scanned.

If you want to get an idea how that might look, there is sadly not a precedent to this drawings. But maybe Dragan’s Game Boy Photo Gallery will give you a good impression.

Hüpf the Dog is an ink pen drawing.

Dragan already made many doodled stories like that!

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Additional info:
  • With lovely support from Dirk Wagner!
  • In case you didn’t notice, the book is in German language!
    Yes, i love David Hasselhoff as well!

Hupel Pupel-Mag #1 (PDF, 13 MB) Creative Commons License

Get the 600dpi version of the Hupel Pupel-Magazin, perfect for your laser printer! (Or the laser printer of your boss!)

If you liked it enough, there is an option of purchasing a real printed version!!

Own your own copy of the Hupel Pupel Mag!

  • 16 pages, DIN A5, black and white, printed on Eurobulk paper!
  • Banging 2400 dpi image resolution
Hupel Pupel Mag #1: 2.00€
Shipping to EU or Switzerland: 1.60€
Hupel Pupel Mag #1: 2.00€
Shipping to USA, Australia, New Zealand, etc ... 3.00€

Any troubles or special wishes, please contact shop@hupel-pupel.de!

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  • Quickly run to Media-Space in Stuttgart and purchase a magazine!! Only possible until 2005-10-23!!
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Please immeadiately contact Mister J. Eisele: dipl.betriebswirt.j.eisele@hupel-pupel.de.

He will make you an offer you won’t be able to refuse.

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